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Lost Graveyards – St Mungo’s

St Mungo’s New burial ground was opened in 1832.  It adjoined Castle Street on the east and lay between the Royal Infirmary and the Asylum for the Blind.  It was designed and executed by James Cleland, superintendant of Public Works for Glasgow Town Council and author of ‘Annals of Glasgow’, a history of the city’s […]

Public Health – the Christmas Cholera Outbreak

The day before Christmas Eve 1831 was one set to go down in history as the day the Second Cholera Pandemic first and fatally touched Scotland.  In Victorian Scotland, cholera was a frightening and little-understood killer. Only three years after the beginning of the worldwide pandemic, the bacterial disease – spread via infected water supplies – […]

Public Health – Cause of Death

Never ignore or dismiss ‘cause of death’ on certificates, it can indicate a lot more to investigate. Occasionally it can be quite chilling – on convicted murderer Peter Manuel’s death cert for example, a prison officer notified the death and cause was given as ‘judicial hanging.’