Photo Collections

Over the years, kindly donors have gifted to the Glasgow & West of Scotland Family History Society a number of old photo collections, either as albums, as loose photographs or as a digital set.

Some of the albums are unidentified but nevertheless show places where people’s ancestors lived or travelled. Sometimes we even know names associated with the unknown collections, and these have been tagged with those names in the hope that the album’s previous owner can be identified.

The collections are as follows:-

The Coplands – photos of the descendants of Robert Tait Copland, originally from Orkney who moved to Edinburgh in the 19th century (loose photos)

The McIntyres – digital images of the McIntyre family who lived on Arran and Holy Isle from the 1870s. Several of the family moved to Canada, a descendant of whom donated the images

McNairs and MacDougalls – an album showing two families on holiday in Arran and Kilmacolm in the early 20th century (album)

The MacDougall Collection – an album showing the travels of Norrie MacDougall, son of the family above. He was a clerk in the East India Company and the album includes photos of his friends and family in India

The Finlays – a collection of mostly portraits of a Glaswegian family taken 1880-1900 (loose photos ), with detailed annotations, and including an image of riding master, George Moore

The Walkers – a mostly unidentified collection of early 20th century photos, originally in an album, including images of Louisa Heron-Maxwell and son, James Walker (loose photos)

Old Cathcart – a collection of postcards and photos of Old Cathcart and surroundings (album)

The Holy Land Collection – an album of photos taken in the Holy Land in the 1930s and including an image of archaeologist Flinders Petrie and the Bishop of Jerusalem (album)

Braemar, Borders, Cornwall – an album of professional and amateur images of the Scottish Highlands and various European locations, with postcards and family photos and ephemera

The Mackenzies – black & white and colour photos of a couple who emigrated to Australia in the 1950s and settled in Mount Isa (loose photos)

The Glasgow bequest – a collection of partially identified photos from a bequest left to the Society by our late member, Sheila Duffy (loose photos)

Not all the images have been included on our website – some of the collections are too extensive to reproduce in their entirety. If you would like further information, please email

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