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Museums for Family Historians – Maritime & Fisheries

The fishing industry in Scotland has a long history stretching back to medieval times. Fish was exported to continental Europe and fishing communities developed along the coastline. The herring industry accounted for a large proportion of the trade, both at home and abroad, reaching a peak in 1907. Two World Wars and the over-exploitation of […]

Museums for Family Historians – Military (General)

Scotland has a long tradition of defending its territory, both from external threats and in internal disputes over religion, territory and resources. Examples abound, and an excellent website for visitors has been created by Undiscovered Scotland at The following list covers museums relating to the Battle of Culloden (1746), the Napoleonic Wars (1803-1815) and […]

Museums for Family Historians – Rural Life

In medieval Scotland, land holding was governed by a feudal system. The King held the land of Scotland from God and that land was apportioned out in a pyramidical structure, with the cottars at the base, occupying small portions of land and employed as hired labour. The farms were usually worked by several families in […]