Selected Monumental Inscriptions, Dumbarton Cemetery, Dunbartonshire


Transcriptions of monumental inscriptions from Dumbarton Cemetery, Dunbartonshire, based on early transcription work by Arthur F Jones, between 1975 & 1980, the then librarian of Dunbarton and Alexandria.  This is the first time this information is available outside of the Dumbarton Library.

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The cemetery was opened in 1854 with the first interment being carried out on the fifth of July in that year.  The cemetery serves the town of Dumbarton and is one mile from the main town centre”.

The book “The God’s Acres of Dumbarton” by Donald MacLeod was published in 1888 and can be viewed, either at the Dumbarton Library or online at Family Search.  It contains Donald MacLeod’s introductory remarks, a history of the formation of the cemetery and many biographical sketches of deceased members of the Dumbarton community, including full transcriptions of their Monumental Inscriptions.

The work by J & S Mitchell, believed to be undertaken in about 1968, referred to all pre-1855 inscriptions located, some 61 gravestones in all.  They used a shorthand interpretation of the actual inscriptions, for example their Gravestone 3 (See DMC076 in this volume) reads “rev And Gray 38y min here 3.8.1881 74, w Margt Stewart 23.11.1854 43 (see Notes)”.  A copy of the J&S Mitchell abbreviations is included as Appendix A, with a sketch plan of the 1854 Cemetery indicating position of some stones.  See also Appendix B for a page from Arthur F Jones (AFJ)’s work, which references this particular stone.

The work by AFJ used a similar form of shorthand to J&S Mitchell’s work and an example of his work is included as Appendix B.  AFJ was librarian in charge of the public libraries in Dumbarton and Alexandria and is the author of several books on local history.  He has also transcribed, compiled, abbreviated and indexed the Monumental Inscriptions at several Dunbartonshire churchyards and cemeteries.

This book is a transcription of the AFJ document, undertaken for Glasgow & West of Scotland Family History Society (GWSFHS) by Rita Jeffrey and checked by Emma Christie.  The purpose is to bring AFJ’s work to a wider audience and has been converted back to text reflecting the lives and deaths of the people buried in the Cemetery.  It does not represent the actual Monumental Inscriptions recorded on the stones, only a reflection of the families and individuals recorded therein.  GWSFHS are unsure of the location of all the stones described, only a limited photographic survey was undertaken of actual stones.  The records are incomplete, even in AFJ’s survey and no plan is available of AFJ’s numbering system.  GWSFHS has identified the location of stones DMC147 to DMC216 only, which are a line of stones parallel to the south wall of Cemetery, adjacent to the main road.

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