O.S. Map – Lenzie 1897


15″ to 1 mile, A2 paper folded
Lanarkshire Sheet 2.09
Published 1994; intro by Don Martin.
ISBN 978-0-85054-697-2

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This detailed map covers the village of Lenzie, south of Kirkintilloch. Coverage stretches from Garngaber (in the top right corner) southward to Auchinloch and westward to Mid Boghead. Features include the village around the station, Millersneuk House, Claddens House, East Gadloch, but most of the area outside the village is open country. On the reverse we include a section of Dumbartonshire sheet 33.06, which extends coverage north to Easter Gallowhill, and includes Woodilee Colliery its 1 and 2, with mineral lines.


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