O.S. Map – Annan 1898


15″ to 1 mile, A2 paper folded
Published 1991; intro by Ronald J McLean.
ISBN 978-0-85054-460-2

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This detailed map covers Annan, with coverage stretching from Howes eastward to Watchhill, and from Annan station northward to Gala Bank.

Features include the town centre with each building neatly shown, High Street area, banks, hotels, churches, stretch of GSWR railway with station and goods yard, stretch of CR railway with station, infectious diseases hospital, Milnfield, River Annan, Ever Holm, Silverwalk, Solway Place, Provost Mills, Violetbank, Fish Cross, Newington Lodge, auction mart, etc. On the reverse we include extracts from a trade directory.

In 1725 Defoe said that Annan was “in a state of irrevocable decay” but a century later it was growing, with regular ships to Ireland, an important hiring fair, and some shipbuilding. However, the latter ended as the railway arrived, the latter helping boost its population to over 4,000 by the end of the century. It was also a major educational town – Thomas Carlyle went to the Academy here.

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