Lanarkshire, Cadder Churchyard MIs


Monumental Inscriptions from Cadder Churchyard, Lanarkshire.

Contents include Introduction; Plan showing numbering of Transcripts; Inscriptions; Index to transcripts.

edited by J.Scott Fairie

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Transcriptions started many years ago when the Churchyard was in a very overgrown state, and resumed after a major tidy up, completed about Oct 2009 – multiple attempts have been made at some stones, but many are very aged and defaced, independent checking has been done to try and recover the maximum information.  All inscriptions on east side of stones, unless otherwise noted.  Stones numbered as shown on plan, starting in North West corner, then in rows from North to South.   Rows are lettered on plan, as a finding aid, but many stones are out of line, as you will expect in old Churchyards.  Identifying features such as trees are noted in curly braces e.g. {tree}.  All names have been capitalised even if this is not the case on original.   Any uncertain text is shown in square brackets [ ], missing text is indicated by 3 dots i.e. ‘…’, or dash ‘-‘ for a single character; where complete lines are missing ‘/’ indicates line break.  Where stones are noted as ‘sunk’, some minor excavation has been done to reveal missing lines of text.

Contents include an Introduction; Plan showing numbering of Transcripts; Inscriptions; and Index to transcripts.

Author:  J.  Scott Fairie

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