Dunbartonshire, Renton Millburn Churchyard MIs


Transcriptions of monumental inscriptions in Renton Millburn Churchyard, Dunbartonshire. Based on early transcription work by Arthur F Jones, the then librarian of Dumbarton and Alexandria, in 1979 and updated transcriptions available from GWSFHS on CD from 2004.

88 pages
ISBN: 978-1-915941-16-9

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Millburn Churchyard Renton Dunbartonshire was first surveyed in 1968 by J. & S. Mitchell when they recorded the pre 1855 burials. It was done again in 1979 by Arthur Jones. John D. McCreadie started in 2004 but since Arthur did his excellent work, many stones were missing or face down. Arthur gave John McCreadie kind permission to use his transcriptions where he could not read the stones due to wear.   These are marked (AJ).  A CD was produced in 2004 by Glasgow & West of Scotland Family History Society, which contained over 270 photographs, a map of the layout, surname index and over 350 transcriptions.  Index, photographs, transcriptions are all linked by the same number.

Unfortunately, the CD had become unreadable using various operating systems by the 2020s, so it was agreed to extract the Memorial Inscriptions from the CD and present it as a searchable PDF file, to make the information contained therein accessible again to researchers.  However, the photographs are excluded from this document.

We acknowledge the assistance and permission of West Dunbartonshire Council Arts & Heritage Service to reproduce and use the original sources stored at Dumbarton Library Heritage Centre.

Contents:  A Brief Description of Renton Millburn; A Brief Biography of A F Jones; Renton Millburn Churchyard Gravestone Plan; Surname Index to Renton Millburn Churchyard; Renton Millburn Churchyard Monumental Inscriptions; Extra stones found, but listed separately; Appendix A –A F Jones Images.

First edition – written by John McCreadie and published by GWSFHS in 2004 as a CD.  Rebranded to HK Grotesk by John Wotherspoon and published in 2022.

Copyright Glasgow & West of Scotland Family History Society, 2004.