Directory of Scots in Asia 1600-1900, part 1


Author: David Dobson
Publisher: David Dobson, St. Andrews, 2008
40 pages

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“For around four hundred years Scots have settled, some permanently others temporarily, in Asia. Some were soldiers of fortune, others employees of the Honourable East India Company, some as planters, merchants, missionaries, explorers, colonial administrators, and adventurers … The British presence in India expanded significantly in the second half of the eighteenth century, particularly after the defeat of the French in the Seven Year War, 1756-1763. Also the loss of the main American colonies in 1783 led to a greater interest by British merchants and planters in Asia … Without doubt the largest collections of documents pertaining to the British in India are the records of the HEICS, dating between 1600 and 1858, and those of the India Office, from 1858 to 1947, both in the British Library at Euston. There are, however, many references to Scots in Asia to be found in libraries and archives in Scotland. This book is based on such sources and is designed as an aid to family historians”–Introduction

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