Argyll, Kilmore and Kilbride (Landward area) 1841 Census Index


Argyll, Kilmore & Kilbride (Landward area), 1841 Census Index compiled by Edna Stark.

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Parish of Kilmore & Kilbride (Parish 523)
Landward Area

The parish of Kilmore & Kilbride lies on the NW coast of Argyll and includes the town of Oban, which in the 18th century, according to Dr Johnson, was “a small village, if a few houses can be so described”.  Previously Kilmore, where the parish church was, has been the centre, but it did not grow as Oban did.

Kilmore has been variously said to mean the great church or the church of Mary.  Kilbride is the church of Bridget.  These are two of the commonest place names in the Highlands.  Kilmore forms the eastern side of the joint parish, the boundary seeming to be Loch Nell & the river flowing from it into Loch Feochan.  However, various farms west of Loch Nell as well as land north and north-east of Oban, as far as the stream flowing through Connel village, are also, so far as I can discover, part of Kilmore.

Kilbride contains several ancient castles, Dunolly & Gylen on Kerrera are still MacDougall posessions – Dunstaffnage long ago passed into Campbell hands & has always been the centre of Campbell power in the district.  Indeed in 1841 most of the local landowners were Campbells.  There were a few MacDougalls and some incomers like Mr Forsyth of Dunach.

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