A Guide to Glasgow Addresses – Parts I and II


Parts I and II of A Guide to Glasgow Addresses by Susan Miller, 2001, revised 2011.

Parts I and II are offered together at a discounted price (PDF format only).

Part I, 64 pages, ISBN: 978-1-915941-05-3
Part II, 86 pages, ISBN: 978-1-915941-06-0

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Part I -1700 – 1825 Merchant City, Contents:
Appendix A – Glasgow in 1736, after McUre
Appendix B – The First New Town
Appendix C – Shopping in Glasgow in the early 19th century
Appendix D – Suburbs & Villages, c1820
Sources and Maps
Map of Glasgow c1800

Part II. 1826 – 1950 Industrial City, Contents:
Abbreviations and Glossary
Renamed Streets
Blocks and other “internal” names
Appendix I: Main roads
Appendix II: Extensions of the City of Glasgow, 1800-1945
Appendix III: The Closes and Courts of Old Glasgow

First edition – written by Susan Miller and published by GWSFHS in 2001 as an A5 Booklet.
Second edition – Typeset in Arial by John H. Howarth and published by GWSFHS in 2011 as an A5 Booklet.
Partially rebranded to HK Grotesk by John Wotherspoon and published in 2022.

Copyright Glasgow & West of Scotland Family History Society, 2001 and 2011.