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Surname Place County Country Period Parish
CAMPBELL Calton/ Bridgeton, Glasgow LKS SCT pre 1850 Barony
CAMPBELL Dumbarton DNB SCT pre 1850 Dumbarton
CATTLE Barton St. David SOM ENG pre 1870
CLUBLEY Carnaby/ Bridlington YKS ENG pre 1870
COLQUHOUN Barnhill DNB SCT pre 1800
CONNAH Birkenhead LAN ENG pre 1870
DAVIES Any LKS SCT pre 1870
FISH Wenden ESS ENG pre 1870
FRENCH Tain ROC SCT pre 1870
KIFF Any HRT ENG pre 1850
LANG Bonhill DNB SCT pre 1870 Bonhill
LOVELL Yatton, Bristol SOM ENG pre 1870
MILSON Harpham YKS ENG pre 1870
SPARKS Aylesbury BKM ENG pre 1870
THORNHILL London SRY ENG pre 1870
VAUX Sunderland DUR ENG pre 1870
WATSON Glasgow LKS SCT pre 1870 Glasgow City
WEEDON Chesham BKM ENG pre 1870
WILSON Milton, Glasgow LKS SCT pre 1870 Barony