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Surname Place County Country Period Parish
CLYDESDALE Glasgow LKS SCT pre 1802 Glasgow City
CUNINGHAM Kilwinning AYR SCT pre 1868 Kilwinning
CUNINGHAM Stevenston AYR SCT pre 1868 Stevenston
HUTTON Culross FIF SCT pre 1868
KERR Kilwinning AYR SCT pre 1900 Kilwinning
KERR Stevenston AYR SCT pre 1900 Stevenston
MALCOLM Glasgow LKS SCT pre 1856 Glasgow City
MALCOLM Culross FIF SCT pre 1856
REID Culross FIF SCT pre 1814
TELFER Barony, Glasgow LKS SCT pre 1867 Barony
TELFER Calton, Glasgow LKS SCT pre 1867 Glasgow City
THOMSON Glasgow LKS SCT pre 1870 Glasgow City