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Surname Place County Country Period Parish
BROWN Leslie ABD SCT 1800 on
DONACHIE Old Kilpatrick DNB SCT 1835 on Old or West Kilpatrick
DONACHIE Glasgow LKS SCT 1855 on Glasgow City
GRAHAM Johnstone RFW SCT pre 1843 Paisley Abbey
GRAHAM New Kilpatrick DNB SCT 1843 on New or East Kilpatrick
McKENZIE Torrin, Skye INV SCT 1800 to 1870
MONTGOMERY Glasgow LKS SCT 1850 on Glasgow City
PHILIP Insch ABD SCT 1750 on
PHILIP Aberdeen ABD SCT 1870 to 1900
VEITCH All Parishes FIF SCT 1700 on
YOUNG Glasgow LKS SCT 1800 to 1850 Glasgow City