Lost Graveyards

Graveyards can become lost for a number of reasons. The communities they once served may have moved away, the graveyard itself may have become full and closed for further burials, or the land may come under pressure from the living who need more space. In urban environments, graveyards disappear under car parks or high rise buildings. In rural areas, nature reclaims the land and the headstones slip into the countryside. In some places, they can even disappear under water, whether taken back by the sea or submerged below reservoirs.

Of the 49 Glasgow burial grounds (a figure based on “Burial Grounds in Glasgow” (1997) by June A Willing and J Scott Fairie), ten no longer exist.  Some were demolished in the 19th century and others as late as the 1960s.  In several instances, either the burial registers cannot be located or no monumental inscription lists have been compiled. 

Elsewhere in the West of Scotland, there are a number of lost graveyards, only some of which have so far been described here. There are several in Paisley, two more in Airdrie and doubtless many more waiting to be discovered. If you know of any in your area, we would love to hear from you!

Glasgow area

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