Trades House and Trades Hall Digital Library – Craig R Bryce

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  • Venue: Zoom Presentation

The Trades House Digital Library holds a vast amount of information that may be of interest to genealogists. The talk in January will cover strategies that can be involved in researching people who may have been members of an Incorporation. The plan is to include the less well off as well as the famous, those receiving pensions or bursaries left behind a great deal of information which puts the meat on the bones of ancestors.

Photographs are a boon to those researching so guidance will be given on how to find the photographs of Past Deacons and where to access free larger images. Some information will also be given on the structure of the Trades House to make it easier for researchers to understand the manner in which the Trades House is organised.

The Digital Library holds much more than the Trades House material, in fact it would be impossible to cover the whole site in the time allocated, however Rolls of Honour and The Bailie, which is in the process of being digitised will also be covered.

Craig R Bryce

I have been interested in genealogy for well over thirty years and involved with Trades House of Glasgow since 1998. During this time, I was elected Deacon of the Incorporation of Masons of Glasgow and also was made Preses of the North Parish Washing Green Society. Due to my work in the Trades House, I was given the honour of becoming a member of the Grand Antiquity Society of Glasgow.

When the Trades House were planning to set up a Museum, I was one of the committee members and I quickly realised the problems that would arise with such a plan and proposed that a Virtual Museum would be a better solution.  This was agreed to and so I became the webmaster of the website.   After a few years the site became overloaded as I had incorporated a lot of our paper material which had been digitised and it was decided to create a Digital Library website ( ).  Over the past decade the site has expanded to include lots of genealogy material and material about the City of Glasgow.

Just prior to COVID striking, I was asked by the Deacon Convener if they could use some of my research to create a book on the Trades Hall.  I had been researching the Trades Hall and the Trades House for over five years, so had plenty of material.   The book is now available for purchase from the Trades House Office.

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