The Scottish Printing Industry and its Workers – Dr Helen Williams

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Dr Helen Williams is the Honourable Secretary of the Scottish Printing Archival Trust. The Scottish Printing Archival Trust was formed in 1988 to conserve ‘knowledge and examples of Scotland’s printing heritage for the benefit of the public and print/media education’.

It promotes interest in the history of the Scottish printing industry, which is one of Scotland’s oldest. The Trust also collects print trade ephemera, and works with institutions across Scotland to ensure that printing archives and artefacts are not lost.

Glasgow’s printing industry dates back to the 17th century. The earliest printers are best known for the production of books, but Glasgow’s industry was much more than that. In the 19th and 20th centuries newspaper and periodical production, and printing for business were major enterprises, operating large printing offices in the city centre and employing many people.

The Trust publishes the Glasgow Print Trail leaflet; it highlights the diversity of the city’s industry and indicates where to find some of the buildings associated with printing.

Notable printers in Glasgow include:

  • Aird & Coghill Ltd.
  • Bell & Bain
  • Blackie & Son
  • Brown, Son & Ferguson Ltd.
  • Corporation of Glasgow
  • Gilmour & Dean
  • Glasgow Numerical Ticket & Check Book Printing Co.
  • J & J Murdoch Ltd.
  • John Crossar & Co.
  • John Laird & Son Ltd.
  • John McCormick & Co.
  • John Watson & Co.
  • Maclure Macdonald Ltd.
  • McCorquodale Ltd.
  • Robert and Andrew Foulis
  • Scottish Co-operative Wholesale Society Ltd.
  • William Collins, Sons & Co.