Huts in Scotland – our modest missing paradise

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Lesley Riddoch will talk about why locals in one of Europe’s prime tourist destinations have been elbowed off the land and exiled from nature for so long.

Scotland and Norway have roughly the same population and are geographical North Sea neighbours. But every weekend half a million Norwegians head for their own, family-owned wooden huts to relax and reconnect with family for the weekend, while Scots just don’t. Lesley Riddoch spent ten years researching the history of huts, leisure, workers rights and land ownership in Norway and Scotland, gaining a PhD in 2020. She’s since written a book about the very different experience of nature and leisure in the two countries – Huts, a Place Beyond, which will be the subject of the January 2022 talk. Signed copies available via

She is best known for broadcasting with programmes on BBC2, Channel 4, Radio 4 and BBC Radio Scotland, for which she won two Sony speech broadcaster awards. She produces the weekly Lesley Riddoch Podcast with co-presenter Patrick Joyce, is a weekly columnist for The Scotsman and The National and a regular contributor to the Guardian, Scotland Tonight, BBC Question Time and Any Questions.