Due to Covid-19, there are no public meetings. We are currently hosting Zoom presentations and meetings


GWSFHS holds public meetings regularly to hear about and discuss the varied aspects of family history and allied topics

The quality of the speakers and the wide-ranging interest of their subjects are indicated by well attended meetings, which are usually held on the third Monday of each month, September to May inclusive. Informal meetings are also held occasionally for small groups at our Research Centre, and the presentations are often written up in the Journal or in e-News

Forthcoming Events

Huts in Scotland – our modest missing paradise

Lesley Riddoch will talk about why locals in one of Europe’s prime tourist destinations have been elbowed off the land and exiled from nature for so long. Scotland and Norway have roughly the same population and are geographical North Sea neighbours. But every weekend half a million Norwegians head for their own, family-owned wooden huts […]

Love of the Sea

Revealing the true love story on Titanic. Join our presenter this evening Mr. Sean Szmalc, Titanic Historian and collector, who is dressed in full White Star Line uniform and step on board the legendary liner as he reveals the true love story on board history’s most famous ship the ‘R.M.S. Titanic.’ Henry and Kate Boarded […]