Members' Interests Directory

(Members Only)

The GWSFHS Online Members’ Interests Directory (OMID) was established about ten years ago as an online version of the Offline Computer Directory. The older system is now seldom used, so the Council has decided to phase it out. In consequence the Offline database will be erased. Members whose research interests are recorded there but not on OMID need to supply the details of their research interests again.

Each member is allocated a page on OMID. Any member who wishes to have their interests added to their page and have it activated can contact the OMID team in one of the following ways

  1. A form is included in the new member’s pack, which can be filled in and posted to the Society’s address at Unit 13, 32 Mansfield Street, Glasgow, G11 5QP, Scotland.
  2. A similar form can be downloaded from the website here. This should be printed, filled in and posted to the Society's address.
  3. An e-mail describing for each family being researched the name, parish, county, country and time period can be sent to the OMID Administrator.

If you need to check whether or not your interests are entered in OMID, go to the OMID Page and click on the small arrow beside the Browse by member box. A drop down menu will appear which lists the membership numbers of everyone subscribed to OMID. If you need any further information you can contact the OMID Administrator

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