The Glasgow Necropolis Project

Work on The Glasgow Necropolis Cemetery project is complete. We have photographed over 4,600 stones and monuments to a total of over 7,000 photos as some have data on multiple sides to the monument, transcribed them and drawn up location maps where to find your ancestors place of rest. There are 22 sections in the Cemetery and we have created maps outlining the stone number sequence for each section.

A surname searchable program has been added to help you locate your ancestor which will bring up the photo, linked to the transcription and location. All this data of been put on to a DVD disk that IS NOW AVAILABLE , see publications list.

If you would like to order a full resolution photo of the monument, we can email it to you. Cost price for this service is £2. Please forward your order to: Necropolis Photos.

A video of a short walking tour through the cemetery by Ronnie Scott.

Glasgow NecropolisGlasgow Necropolis