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ARCHIVESGlasgow University Archives [note]4.15
ARCHIVESGreater Glasgow Health Board archives [note]13.17-18
ARCHIVESHow to use the Bernau Index, by Hilary Sharp [book review]49.18-19
ARCHIVESJewish Roots in Scotland [lecture]88. 16-18
ARCHIVESNew Register House, Edinburgh [lecture]32. 6-7
ARCHIVESNews from Argyll49.13
ARCHIVESNews from Scottish archives53.18
ARCHIVESNews from Strathclyde Archives [note]39. 3, 45.40
ARCHIVESNews from the GRO in Edinburgh62.28
ARCHIVESNews from the new Councils - Archives47. 2
ARCHIVESPoor Law records in Strathclyde Regional Archives [note]21.10-11
ARCHIVESProcurators past, present and future [lecture]57.18-19
ARCHIVESRecords in New Register House [note]11. 3
ARCHIVESResources at New Register House [note] 1. 9
ARCHIVESSasines in Strathclyde Regional Archives [note]21. 9-10
ARCHIVESScottish Catholic records on Scotlandspeople88.45
ARCHIVESScottish Film Archives [lecture]31. 5-6
ARCHIVESScottish Jewish Archive Centre [note]46.14
ARCHIVESScottish pre-Reformation records in the Vatican Archives [note}13.18
ARCHIVESSome web site addresses for archives51.18
ARCHIVESStrathclyde Regional Archives [note]7.13
ARCHIVESStrathclyde Regional Archives: recent developments and opportunities41. 4-7
ARCHIVESTheatrical archives [letter]62.34
ARCHIVESTracing your ancestors in Northern Ireland - a guide to ancestry research in the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland, by Ian Maxwell [book review]51.27-28
ARCHIVESTracing your Scottish ancestors: a guide to ancestry research in the Scottish Record Office, by Cecil Sinclair [book review]33.13
ARCHIVESUniversity of Glasgow Archives: a varied source for researchers [lecture]52. 5-7
ARCHIVESUpdate on the NAS (National Archives of Scotland)59.16-17
ARCHIVESVisit to Salt Lake City35.28-30
ARCHIVESVisit to Scotland's archives55.18-20
ARCHIVESWarning to researchers [SRO]52.2
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