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300 years of banking history55.12-13
400 years of 'Who's Who' in Glasgow (Glasgow Cathedral Burials Project)57.22-24
A Fictional Family History(Lecture by Dr Sean Damer)88.12-15
Addicted To Ancestors (Lecture by Rev Alan Sorensen)87.6-7
Alexanders of Ballochmyle29. 6
Alhambra Theatre Glasgow a Talk by Graeme Smith96. 19 -24
Allan Pinkerton & his life in Glasgow( Lecture by Dr Bruce Durie )85.20-24
Anglo-Catholic trail49. 4
Archives and historical photographs in Paisley Museum47.1
Archives of the house of Argyll34. 6-7
Argyll and Bute District Archives [note] 8.10-11
Army Records- post 1921 (Lecture by Beverly Hutchinson)78.5-8
Australian connections in Scotland [note]27.10-11
Australian genealogical sources [note]13.18
Ayrshire Archives (Lecture by Dr Christine Lodge)80.11-14
Ayrshire archives: preserving the written heritage of Ayrshire53.10-12
Ayrshire Man in the American Civil War61.04-07
Ayrshire: records of a county40.11-14
Baillie's Library, Glasgow [note] 2. 9
Baronets of Nova Scotia [note]12. 4-5
Barony of Strange and the Drummonds of Megginch [note]26. 8
Basic sources for genealogical research [note]15. 4
Bed and Bath64.15
Best West End Tenements by Ann Laird102. 5-9
Beyond Scotlands People- Scottish Resources on line by Chris Paton96. 13-18
Beyond the family tree32. 5
Billy Connolly - a typical Glaswegian? By Sheila Duffy GWSFHS editor103. 25 - 34
Blairs of Dundonald [note]22. 8-9
Britannia Panoptican 1857-1938 (lecture by Judith Bowers)78.12-14
Bruce family [note]4.15
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