Newsletter Index

ARMAGHResearching Armagh ancestors - a practical guide for the family and local historian, by Ian Maxwell [book review]62.35-36
CO DOWN - KILLYLEAGHLemon Lemonade by Dr Peter H Milne67.14-17
CO DOWN- NEWRYThe Nummey Families of Glasgow & Alabama by Sandra Speedie67.24-25
CO SLIGO-DROMORE WESTSplit Rock and Cormack Kilgannon by Doreen Thomson65.16-17
DONEGALIrish roots [letter]62.32
FERMANAGHFermanagh books, writers and newspapers of the nineteenth century, by Seamus MacAnnaidh [book review]59.3
FERMANAGHFermanagh folk - home and away [lecture]48.15-16
LISBURNParish Register, Blaris, Lisburn, Co Down39.24
ULSTERUlster Historical Foundation [lecture]51.11-12
ULSTERUlster Scots and Blandford [MA] Scouts51.29
ULSTERPlantation of Ulster76.36-38