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A Grim Almanac of Glasgow94.47
A Handful of Dust ( Accidents & Disasters in Scotland by Wm Cross74.50-51
A Maritime History of Scotland 1650-1790 by Eric Graham67.44
A Very Canny Scot by Joanna Hill83.53
Aberdeen and North-East Scotland FHS Conference Proceedings21. 8
All my teenage years: wartime recollections of London and Oban, by Frances Reed41.28
An appeal from the Clan Munro Association USA99.45
An Unstoppable Force _ The Scottish Exodus to Canada by Lucille H Campey84.49
Ancestral anomalies, by Michael Southwick47.26
Ancestral trails, by Mark D Herber51.28-29
Arichonan-A Highland Clearance Recorded by Heather McFarlane72.47
Army Records for Family Historians by Simon Fowler & Wm Spencer67.45
Arran a history by Thorbjorn Campbell97.48
Awful shadow: some other accidents and disasters from Scotland in the nineteenth century, compiled by William P Cross55.22
Border or Riding Clans, by B Homer Dixon50.21
Brief review of the settlement of Upper Canada, by D McLeod37.38
British Military Graveyard Ballincollig. Co Cork by Anne Donaldson73.51
Bryson Families and History of the 1800's 65.38
Calton Connections by Patrica Clark102.49
Canadian Strays donated by Mrs. Andrea Vogel98.47
Candie for the foundling, by Anne Gordon [Church of Scotland Kirk Session Records]43.33
Catalogue of sources for genealogical research, Ireland22.12
Catholic Missions & Registers 1700-1880, vol. 6, Scotland, ed by Michael Gandy46.31-32
Catholic Parishes in England, Wales and Scotland: an atlas, ed by Michael Gandy46.31-32
Census records for Scottish families at home and abroad, by Gordon Johnson. New ed.42.38-39
Census records for Scottish families, by Gordon Johnson32.19
Central Glasgow in the 70's104. 49
Church of Ireland Records by Raymond Refausse76.51
Churches to visit in Scotland 199852.22
Clan Stewart of Appin 1463-1752 and its unfailing loyalty to the Royal House of Stewart, by Michael Starforth51.31-32
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