Saltmarket to Salt Lake

The 13th Annual Conference of Scottish Association of Family History Societies


This is a summary of the talk given to delegates at the 13th Annual SAFHS conference in Glasgow in April by Trevor Parkhill former deputy keeper Public Record Office Northern Ireland (PRONI ) Belfast.
The availability of records in Ireland continues to be overshadowed by the loss of sources in the Public Record Office during the fire at the Four Courts in June 1922. In recent years, a proactive archival approach in acquiring records to compensate for the loss has been supplemented by greater all-round access. Making connections between sources, and between historical and genealogical researchers use of these sources, is enhanced by the townland, a denomination of the parish, which facilitates associating place with name.
(a) Hearth Money Rolls 1660s see publication, Trevor Carleton (ed) PRONI Belfast 1991 (b) Antrim Estate records (PRONI D/2777) Jane Ohlmeyers research; (c) 1659 Census. Subsidy Rolls 1662-6; Poll Tax Returns, 1660-98
(a) Emigration sources. Nominal records include emigrant letters; published ships notices etc (b) Estate records, including rent rolls, three-life leases, Free School registers (c) Grand Jury Records, particularly for Co. Antrim. Presentment Books from 1711- (d) Church Records mostly Church of Ireland, some Presbyterian, some Quaker, few Roman Catholic all available in PRONI see PRONI Guide to Church Records (e) Spinning Wheel Premium Entitlement Lists, 1796 (f) Registry of Deeds from 1707
(a) What? No Census records? All census records 1821-1891 destroyed. Surrogate census records, all of them useful sources in their own right, include i. National School Registers from 1860s; SCH series, PRONI; c. 1300 national schools ii. Valuation Records -1830s, Townland Valuation. First Tenement Valuation 1850s 1929. A complete record of property occupiers including changes to property. iii. Church Records see PRONI Guide to Church Records iv. Workhouse/Poor Law Union records 1839-1948. 30 workhouses in BG series, PRONI v. Estate Records extensive archival holdings in PRONI vi Business records, including linen firms, Harland & Wolff records from 1880s PRONI D/2805 vii Civil Registration of Records. See pamphlet by C. Blumson available via UHF
i 1901 Census Enumerators Returns. PRONI, MIC/ 354. Available since 1980s ii 1911 Census Enumerators Returns, available National Archives, Dublin iii Consolidated Will Index; Bound annual indices 1858-c. 1990 iv Valuation Records First Valuation to 1929; 2nd Valuation 1935-56; Third Valuation 1956-76 Fourth Valuation 1976 -
(a) Public Record Office of Northern Ireland, 66 Balmoral Ave Belfast BT9 6NY Tel 02890 25 13 18 (b)Ulster Historical Foundation 12 College Square East Belfast BT1 6DD Tel 02890 33 22 88 -