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Museums for Family Historians – Military (General)

Scotland has a long tradition of defending its territory, both from external threats and in internal disputes over religion, territory and resources. Examples abound, and an excellent website for visitors has been created by Undiscovered Scotland at www.undiscoveredscotland.co.uk/usscotfax/history/military.html. The following list covers museums relating to the Battle of Culloden (1746), the Napoleonic Wars (1803-1815) and […]

Museums for Family Historians – Military (Regiments)

The oldest Scottish infantry regiment of the British army is the Lowland regiment, the Royal Scots, raised in 1633 during the reign of Charles I, followed by the Royal Scots Fusiliers and the King’s Own Scottish Borderers.  The Act of Union 1707 incorporated all the then existing Scottish regiments into the British army.  It was […]

Museums for Family Historians – Industry

Until the late 18th century, the Scottish economy was based on agriculture. The industrial revolution at the end of that century brought light industries like pottery, weaving and textiles, followed later by heavy industries such as ship building, steel and chemical processing. Glasgow was the 2nd city of the empire up to the outbreak of […]

Research Centre Now Open Saturdays

10 Jan 2022 – CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE DUE TO COVID RESTRICTIONS The Society is pleased to announce that Mansfield Street Research Centre will reopen initially on Saturdays from 2pm till 4pm until further notice. The session must be booked in advance by phoning the centre on 0141 339 8303 during opening hours. The Centre […]