Selected MIs for Dumbarton Cemetery

We are pleased to announce the publication of selected transcriptions of monumental inscriptions from Dumbarton Cemetery, Dunbartonshire. These transcriptions are based on a manuscript written by Arthur F Jones between 1975 and 1980. Arthur F Jones was the librarian of Dumbarton and Alexandria.

The cemetery was originally described in 1888 by Donald MacLeod in his book “The God’s Acres of Dumbarton”, then it was surveyed in the late 1960’s by J&S Mitchell, when they recorded the pre-1855 inscriptions. 

This is the first time this information is available outside of the Dumbarton Library. The purpose of our publication is to bring Arthur Jones’ work to a wider audience. It is an added aid to researchers.

These inscriptions reflect the lives and deaths of the people buried in the Cemetery.   The transcriptions are not full transcriptions of the actual Monumental Inscriptions on the stones, only extracts of vital attributes that reflect on the families and individuals recorded therein.   GWSFHS are unsure of the location of all the stones described; only a limited photographic survey was undertaken of the actual stones.

This new booklet, 76 pages long, was digitised in 2023.  

Selected Monumental Inscriptions, Dumbarton Cemetery, Dunbartonshire

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