Three new MI PDFs

We are pleased to announce the return to our shop of the data from three Dunbartonshire Churchyards: New Kilpatrick, Alexandria and Bonhill.  All three were originally published by John McCreadie as CDs between 2008 and 2015; inspired by the earlier work by Arthur F Jones for Millburn Churchyard, Renton, Dunbartonshire; which we recently published as a PDF file. 

The graveyards were first surveyed in the late 1960s by J&S Mitchell, when they recorded the pre-1855 monumental inscriptions.  John D. McCreadie started photographing Dunbartonshire gravestones and transcribing them from 2004, following his successful combined update of Arthur F. Jones’  Renton Millburn project. 

Unfortunately, by the 2020’s the CDs had become unreadable using various operating systems, so we decided to extract the transcriptions from the CD and present them as a searchable PDF file, to make the information contained therein accessible again to researchers.  However; the photographs are excluded from this document.  Three completely new downloadable PDF files have been produced, re-branded to our new house style but faithful to the text of the CD.  Additional checks have been made against the images of the stones from the CD.  These new documents, 88, 36 & 44 pages respectively, digitised in 2022, highlight the previous work and are added aids to researchers. 

Click on New Kilpatrick Churchyard MIs, Alexandria Parish Church MIs or Bonhill Parish Churchyard MIs to find these documents in our shop. 

Murray Archer, Member 4316

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