Museums for Family Historians

Genealogists are becoming increasingly interested in setting their ancestors in their social context – how they lived, how they worked and how they spent their leisure time.

Scotland has a rich variety of speciality museums and heritage centres where visitors can view aspects of life going back over the centuries.

The following is a list of addresses and contact details, divided by subject category, intended to help family historians build an understanding of how their forebears lived. Although it is not always possible to visit in person, virtual tours, websites and helpful staff may combine to fill out details of past lives.

The list does not include any of the excellent local museums which cover a range of subjects specific to their areas – information on these is available from the very helpful site from which most of this list was compiled.

At the time of publication, a number of inactive links have been identified and we are applying our best endeavours to rectify this.




Law and Order

Maritime & Fisheries

Military (General)

Military (Regiments)

Mining and Quarrying

Rural Life

Transport and Communications

Urban Life

Weaving and Knitting


Have we missed any? Contact with details.

[Image of the Crannog Jean Mackenzie. Crannog Centre now open again]

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