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Until the late 18th century, the Scottish economy was based on agriculture. The industrial revolution at the end of that century brought light industries like pottery, weaving and textiles, followed later by heavy industries such as ship building, steel and chemical processing. Glasgow was the 2nd city of the empire up to the outbreak of WW1. Both World Wars brought recession and boom. The prosperous 1950s, followed by the discovery of North Sea oil, brought another boom, cut short by the 1973 oil crisis and years of adjustment after 1980. This story continues…

Biggar Gas Works

Bonawe Iron Furnace

Fairfield Heritage Centre

Robert Smail’s Printing Works

Strachur Smiddy Museum

  • Address: Strachur, Clachan, Cairndow PA27 8DG
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Summerlee Museum of Industrial Life

The Smiddy Museum

[Photo by Yannick Pulver on Unsplash]

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