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GWSFHS Notices

  • Because of the Covid-19 lockdown, our public meetings have been suspended, and the Research Centre is closed. When it is safe to resume activities, we will. Keep safe.
  • The Society is in the final stages of preparing the new website for going live and will send out another e-News nearer the time. It features a sophisticated search engine tailored for family history research, online catalogue to our Library; and members will have access to Society archives, publications, data sets and a new way to find ancestral matches.

Contents of latest Journal (posted to members)

  • Reports from meetings: City of Glasgow Police – 175 years of History; A Victorian Love Story; Glasgow City Archives – from Cradle to the Grave
  • Couper Family Inquiry
  • The Name was, extraordinarily, the Same
  • The Fergusons of Kilwaughter – DNA Breakthrough
  • Menzies Surname and Clan
  • Museum of Transport – Big Rachel
  • Australian Research
  • News: Lord Gordon of Strathblane genealogy; Loss of Scottish Military Lives -Armed Forces deaths 1922 – 1939

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  • There is something very special about a voluntary society where people work from the goodness of their hearts to help others
  • Members get the Journal posted 3 times per annum
  • Online access to unique data sets and society archives
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  • We need the regular income to maintain & expand our services

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Famous Scots
1. TSC (1930-  ) Bond Actor (full name)
2. AS (1723-1790) Wealth of Nations
3. AF (1881-1955) Discovered penicillin
4. MQOS (1542-1587) Crowned at 9 months old
5. FM (1746-1790) Skye Boat Song
6. CH (1976 –   ) Got on his bike to go for gold
7. AGB (1847-1922) Why don’t you give him a ring?
8. EL (1902-1945) Chariots of Fire
9. ACD (1859-1930) Creations lived in Baker St
10. HC-B (1836- 1908) British Prime Minister 1906-1908
Name the song 
11. She’s as pure as the lily in the dell
12. He’s a worker for the council , has been 20 years , and takes no lip off nobody
13. And when the money comes in for the work that I do, I’ll pass almost every penny on to you
14. And autumn leaves lie thick and still, o’er land that is lost now
15. The odds against it reaching earth are ninety- nine to wan
16. So I’ve been telling old stories, singing songs that make me think about where I come from
17. A lassie took me to a ball, and it was slippery in the hall
18. Island known as queen of the Hebrides
19. Island where George Orwell wrote 1984
20. Islands that form the shortest scheduled flight in the world – (approx 1 minute)
21. Home to Fingal’s Cave
22. Island Archipelago westernmost of the Outer Hebrides evacuated in 1930
[thanks to Robert Stewart … answers next month]

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