Maryhill Old Parish Burial Ground

Maryhill graveyard is all that remains of the original parish church.  An overgrown heap of rubble marks the place where the Maryhill Chapel of Ease was erected in 1826, on land granted by Miss Lillias Graham of the Gairbraid Estate, for the local congregation of the Barony Parish of Glasgow. 

In 1843, the Free Church of Scotland came into being, and the minister of Maryhill and the bulk of the congregation left to become part of the new body, ultimately building a new place of worship in Sandbank Street.   The congregations attended their separate kirks until 1929 when the two churches were re-united under the Church of Scotland.  The original parish church became known as Maryhill Old and the church in Sandbank Street as Maryhill High.

Maryhill Graveyard Gates
Maryhill Graveyard Gates

During WW2, Maryhill Old was damaged and the congregation had to worship in the church hall until the end of 1942.  In 1956, a fire in the vestry destroyed almost all the burial ground records, apart from a receipt book kept in a biscuit tin, and this allowed a plan of the 128 lairs to be made. In 1985, after the church had been abandoned and declared unsafe, the Glasgow and West of Scotland Family History Society made a transcription of the monumental inscriptions, an index of the lair owners, and a map of the gravestones.

In 1986, the congregations of Maryhill Old and Maryhill High Churches were brought under one minister once again.  By 1998, the two were united  and a new parish church was erected on Maryhill Road,.  That same year, Maryhill High was sold and became a private house and nursery, and the Maryhill Old building reverted to its original owners, the Gairbraid Estate.  Following vandalism and a fire, the premises were demolished. 

The site of the church was sold to a private developer, and various plans have been submitted for its future use.  The graveyard remains in the ownership of Glasgow City Council.

Memorial Inscriptions

The Society has published the Memorial Inscriptions – Glasgow Maryhill MIs

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