Scots at leisure – Campsie Racing Pigeon Club

Not all clubs have retained detailed records of their organisation from past years. Sadly club records prior to the 1920s have not been traced.

The earliest date that past members can confirm is the club being formed in 1920, however, there are trophies in the club which date back to this time and no present or past member has recollections of the club’s first secretary. However several mature members confirm that a Mr RG Hunter, Antermony, Milton of Campsie, was the club secretary and general factotum for 13 years.

In those early years there does exist extracted information from a bygone minute book which has been lost. It states the pigeon fanciers of Lennoxtown and surrounding areas were members of Lenzie Racing Pigeon Club from 1934 until the late 1950’s. It’s only then in 1957 that Campsie Racing Pigeon Club is recorded in official documents. For some unknown reason Lenzie R.P.C. folded and its assets came with members to Lennoxtown and Mr R.G. Hunter stepped in to be secretary. The club functioned from the Masonic hall Slateford which was behind the building where the pharmacy now stands. Later the club moved to the Pavilion in the high park Lennoxtown

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