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Surname Place County Country Period Parish
BLAIR Stralachlan ARL SCT pre 1815 Stralachlan and Strachur
BROWN Lesmahagow LKS SCT 18th -19th Century Lesmahagow
BURNS East Kilbride LKS SCT pre 1865 East Kilbride
CARSON Newbattle MLN SCT 19th Century
CLARK Avondale LKS SCT 19th Century Avondale
CURRIE Kilfinan ARL SCT pre 1815 Kilfinan
DEWAR Kilfinan ARL SCT pre 1850 Kilfinan
DEWAR Helensburgh DNB SCT 1850+ Row
DEWAR Dunoon Argyll Scotland 1910 on Dunoon and Kilmun
FARR Hamilton LKS SCT 1870 - 1900 Hamilton
GILCHRIST Lesmahagow LKS SCT 18th - 19th Century Lesmahagow
GOLDSACK Dover KEN ENG 1620 - 1800
GREEN Knockando MOR SCT pre 1841
HAMILTON Coalburn, Lesmahagow LKS SCT 1811 - 1898 Lesmahagow
HUMPHREY Lesmahagow LKS SCT 18th - 19th Century Lesmahagow
JONES Margate KEN ENG pre 1870
KALE Eton BKM ENG pre 1870
LAWSON Coalburn, Lesmahagow LKS SCT 18th - 20th Century Lesmahagow
MACINTOSH Botriphnie BAN SCT pre 1815
MAIN Glasgow LKS SCT pre 1855 Glasgow City
McKENZIE Lewiston INV SCT pre 1860
McKENZIE Knockando MOR SCT 1860 -1895
McKENZIE Glasgow, New City Road LKS SCT 1895 - 1906 Glasgow City
McKENZIE Govan LKS SCT 1906 - 1912 Govan
MILLER Strathaven LKS SCT 19th Century Avondale