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Here are the interests of Ian F Lawson - member 1794
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Surname Place County Country Period Parish
ALLISON Greenock RFW SCT c. 1800 Greenock
BAILY Kilmarnock AYR SCT c. 1700 Kilmarnock
BARBOUR Belfast ANT IRL c. 1790
BARBOUR Glasgow LKS SCT c. 1850 Glasgow City
BUSH/E Belfast ANT IRL c. 1750
BUSH/E Glasgow LKS SCT c. 1820 Glasgow City
DOCHERTY Belfast ANT IRL c. 1787
FINDLAY/FINLAY Kilmarnock AYR SCT c. 1710 Kilmarnock
FULTOUN/FULTON Dunlop AYR SCT c. 1700 Dunlop
FULTOUN/FULTON Kilmaurs AYR SCT c. 1736 Kilmaurs
GEBBIE/GEBBY Galston AYR SCT c. 1700 Galston
GEBBIE/GEBBY Middlethird AYR SCT c. 1700
GLASSFORD/GLASFORD Riccarton AYR SCT c. 1800 Riccarton
HAMILTON New Cumnock AYR SCT c. 1700 New Cumnock
HAMILTON Barony LKS SCT c. 1800 Barony
HODGE Old Cumnock AYR SCT c. 1740 Old Cumnock
HODGE Sorn AYR SCT c. 1740 Sorn
HOWAT Old Cumnock AYR SCT c. 1770 Old Cumnock
HOWAT Ayr AYR SCT c. 1830 Ayr
HUMPHREY Riccarton AYR SCT c. 1780 Riccarton
HUNTER Riccarton AYR SCT c. 1697 Riccarton
HUNTER Groomsport DOW IRL c. 1770
LAMB Glasgow LKS SCT c. 1849 Glasgow City
LIMERICK Any Any IRL c 1795